Check Out these Budget Friendly Restaurant Renovation Ideas

Check Out these Budget Friendly Restaurant Renovation Ideas

Restaurants are known for their food, but also for the overall experience it provides. This includes the interior layout and design, and how customers feel when they are sitting down to eat. It’s important to make sure that the quality of the food matches the atmosphere and space of the restaurant itself. You don’t want a space that is outdated, old or uncomfortable because it will take away from the food and can result in a negative experience. 

If it’s time to renovate your restaurant, the following tips will help make it better while staying on budget: 

  1. If your budget allows for just a few things, make your entrance a priority. The first impression is very important and an inviting entrance will make your clients feel welcome. It will give them a good feeling and they’ll be excited to sit down and eat a nice meal in your restaurant. A bad entranceway might turn customers away because they will have a negative reaction right from the start.

  2. Make sure you have clean bathrooms that look good and don’t smell. Renovating restaurant bathrooms is very important because an old and dirty bathroom will ruin your reputation and make customers question your business and your food. A dirty bathroom in a place that serves food is a health code violation and a big turnoff. Renovate the bathroom and add modern sinks and faucets, new lighting and anything else that can brighten up the space to make it feel clean and new.

  3. A very affordable way of elevating your restaurant is to give it a fresh coat of paint. Choose a new colour that compliments the theme of your restaurant and you’ll be surprised at what a big difference this will make. You can choose a bold colour or do an accent wall; there are no limits to creativity so long as it makes sense and represents your restaurant appropriately. Remember that lighter colours will make a small space feel bigger and darker colours can make a bigger space feel more inviting and cozy. You must select paints that can deal with restaurant conditions and handle moisture, heat and high traffic. 

  4. Incorporate natural light into your restaurant by adding large windows to your walls or ceiling to let the sun in, which will make customers happy and comfortable. This will make the restaurant feel spacious and inviting, and customers can get a feel of the outdoors while they’re inside. If you have the space, you should also consider adding an outdoor patio for the warmer months, which is something customers will love!

Impact Contracting can help you with all of your restaurant renovations. If you’re in the Edmonton area and are looking for commercial builders who can do the job right, Impact Contracting is who you need to call. If you need a general contractor, contact them today and let them help you transform your restaurant into something new and beautiful.

7 Things You Need to Consider During a Commercial Renovation

7 Things You Need to Consider During a Commercial Renovation

Remodelling a commercial space can have a huge impact on your business’s profit margin as well as your reputation. Upgrading your space the right way will improve everyone’s situation; owners, employees and customers alike. But, what is the right way? That’s what we’re here to find out!

Prioritize Your Goals

What do you want out of your commercial renovation? You need to determine whether bringing new customers, rebranding your company, increasing efficiency or improving employee morale is your top priority with this renovation. Once you’ve narrowed that down, you can move forward in executing your plans without fear of going overboard or getting distracted.

Make a Schedule and Budget

Being adequately prepared for the renovation of a commercial space is essential for success, especially if you have a tight budget to stick to. Before contacting potential construction companies, create a detailed schedule that won’t cost too much in terms of lost revenue. As well, have a realistic budget that can accomplish everything you need, putting about 10% aside for emergencies.

Compare Local Contactor Prices

Once your goals are in place, you can move onto finding the right general contractors to get the job done. Don’t focus on a single company without looking at the pricing and skill of other local contractors. Browse through customer reviews, work portfolios and even interview the ones you think will be the best fit for your commercial renovation.

Think of the Future

Your commercial space has to meet the needs of your company today as well as several years into the future. Consider your five or ten-year business plan and mould your renovations accordingly.

Stay Open or Close During the Renovations?

The decision of whether or not to stay open and operational during a renovation depends on several factors. Some of which include the financial state of your business, the level of disturbance it may cause customers, and the length of the renovation itself.

Know Your Target Audience

This factor alone can make or break your business depending on your location and the group of individuals you’re targeting. Turning your old-time diner into a hip nightclub when the surrounding area is packed with an older demographic will quickly drop your revenue potential. Always keep your employees and customers in mind when making commercial renovation decisions.

Don’t Fear Change

While it’s important to have a budget and a schedule set in place during your renovation, it’s also important to be open to the changes and unplanned scenarios that might also occur. It’s common for things not to go as planned during a renovation project, especially when you’re dealing with building permits and site inspections.

At Impact Demolition and Contracting, we staff a slew of general contractors you can trust for your commercial renovation. Located in Edmonton, Alberta, we’re a team of commercial builders that have specialized in medical facility and restaurant renovations since 2007. For more information, be sure to call us or visit our website today!

How to find General Contractor

How to find General Contractor

Whether you’re remodelling your kitchen or building a commercial space from the ground up, you need to have a good general contractor on your side. To make sure you hire the right person for the job, here are some tips for finding a trusted construction company.

Best Places to Look

Before you start searching online for a general contractor, consider talking to any friends and family who’ve recently hired a general contractor and undergone renovations. Ask them questions about cost, work ethic, timelines, and overall experience. If they have nothing but amazing things to say, then you’ve just found your general contractor. However, if they had a horrible experience with the company they hired, then you should move onto looking at trade associations.

Trade associations provide people with up-to-date directories listing members, contact information, job specialties and more. You’ll be able to find general contractors in your area, and as their websites are commonly attached to their listing, you can evaluate their previous work before contacting them.

What to Look for in a Contractor

First and foremost, any potential general contractors you’re looking into should be both licensed and insured. If any accidents occur on the job, you’ll be held liable without insurance. As well, hiring an unlicensed contractor puts your residential or commercial renovation at risk. Companies that have been awarded for good work and/or a part of the trade association speaks well to their skills and reliability.

Have a look at their professional portfolio. Doing so will not only show you the quality of their work, but you’ll be able to see whether or not their renovation style matches your personal taste. You don’t want to hire a company that specializes in traditional or vintage renovations when you have a completely modern aesthetic planned out.

How to Decide

Once you have a list of general contractors you’re confident in, it’s now time to interview them and compare your candidates. For a sneak peek into their working habits, see if you can meet them at a current job site. Don’t be afraid to ask them a lot of questions, including how long the project could take, potential renovation problems, and a job estimate.

For more information, call their references and look online for customer reviews, as general contractors won’t tell you about any past bad behaviour. If it’s a large renovation you’re planning, then this is more important than ever. You don’t want to waste hundreds of thousands of dollars hiring a company that has a reputation of scamming their clients.

If you’re looking for a general contractor you can trust for your next renovation project, then you’ve found the right one in Impact Demolition and Contracting. Located in Edmonton, Alberta, our commercial builders have been specializing in restaurant, bar and medical facility renovations since 2007. Interested? Then contact us to learn more!

Top 8 Design Choices for Retail Spaces

commercial space.jpeg

Are you looking to open up your own commercial retail space but aren’t sure how to go about it? Do you need help figuring out the most efficient design plan that will help sell merchandise? Then this is the guide for you, as we’ll go through the top seven design choices that should go into every retail space.

Natural Checkout Placement

Once a customer has made the decision to purchase something from your store, you’ll want to create easy access to the checkout area. More often than not, if it’s too complicated or confusing to get to the checkout area, customers will leave the product behind. For smaller stores, make sure employees at the checkout counter can see the entire store. It’s best to have it up against a well-decorated wall, with products set up to encourage impulse buying.

It Should be Comfortable

You never want customers to feel uncomfortable in your store or business, so it’s important to implement certain features that create a relaxed environment. For example, when placing tables or shelves together to create an aisle, make sure there’s enough room for two people to pass one another without touching. Studies have shown that the possibility of brushing up against a stranger makes customers less likely to go down that aisle. Be sure to avoid placing things too closely together when designing a retail space.

Use Mirrors

Do you have a small retail space? The best way to make it seem bigger while also showcasing your products from even more angles is to integrate mirrors throughout. Doing this creates the illusion of more space. Place them against the walls to make the store feel wider or longer, or have a mirrored ceiling to create the appearance of a taller environment.

Play with Lighting

Having the proper lighting will greatly influence the atmosphere you’re trying to create in this retail space. Dim lighting can create a soothing experience for customers while showcasing specific products or service areas. Use spotlights to create focal points and draw attention. Natural lighting can also draw the eye, so if your commercial space has well-placed windows, utilize them to brighten up the room.

Overall? Keep it Simple

It’s easy to go overboard when you’re trying to design a retail space that speaks to a variety of people. Instead of creating a complicated space that decked out in over the top decor and overly confusing for customers, focus on the smaller aspects. Make sure products are spaced out in a way that’s easily sorted through without being overwhelmed.

At Impact Demolition and Contracting, our clients are more like partners when you work with us. Located in Edmonton, Alberta since 2007, we specialize in restaurant and bar renovations, commercial construction, medical facilities and more. Be sure to contact us for more information.

Home renovation tips to make the exterior appealing


One of the first things that your guests are bound to notice when they visit you is the exterior of your property. The exterior of your home includes the entrance, driveway, yard, garden, and front door. It is essential to pay special attention to elevate the curb appeal of your home. Whether it is an outdated fixture hanging in your yard or peeling paint on the exterior walls of your home, your home's exterior is noticed minutely than you can ever imagine. Everyone who visits your home, who lives nearby or prospective buyers, each one of them pays attention to the curb appeal of your home. Maybe you are not planning on selling your home anytime in near the future, ignoring the exterior aesthetics of your home can create a rather long lasting and unimpressionable memory in your visitor's mind.


Here are a few home renovation tips that will make your home look fancy and increase the overall external appeal.

Staging a beautiful exterior

No matter how much often people say that they do not judge a book by the cover, it is untrue. In the context of your home, a beautiful exterior is something that everyone observes. An unmowed lawn, a rusted or a broken piece of decoration and scraps of dead leaves lead visitors to believe that the house is being severely neglected. So make sure not to overlook or neglect the curb appeal of your house. Of course, it gives a good impression on your visitors, but it is even more crucial if you are trying to sell your home. Staging your home for potential buyers means you need to focus on both, the internal and external aspects of your property. A well-curated lawn that is clean and devoid of rusted or broken decoration looks more appealing especially if you want to entice a buyer and get a great offer.

Sometimes old is not really gold

Even if you may be one of those who likes vintage, make sure that you do not leave the exterior of your home with broken, rusted fixtures. Whether it is the mailbox, the gate, signs or your pottery, make sure to upkeep them by rust proofing and painting. Maintaining your external metal fixtures can cost very little and yet give you that aesthetic appeal. In addition, make sure that you have a well-lit yard so that your guests feel welcome. With a little investment, you can significantly improve the curb appeal of your home.

Colours make a difference

If you are looking to fix your curb appeal in a quick, simple and cost-efficient way, painting is the best option. Peeled or discolored patches on your exterior wall can make your curb look quite unappealing. Repaint the exterior of your home so that it looks appealing and bright. Exterior painting is much different than interior painting. It requires you to consider the weather-enforced wear and tear, and make sure to apply the right kind of base coats and colors so that they last amidst the harsh weather changes.


One of the most common things that many homeowners with a yard do is dump everything that they do not need inside their home in the yard. Right from wine bottles to an old car, homeowners are known to hoard junk. If you want to create the right first impression on your guests, the first thing that you need to do is to discard all the unnecessary junk from your yard. If you have a special bottle or a memorable broken vase that you want to preserve, find a way to reuse it creatively and add it as an element of decoration to your garden. If you have decorated your home for festivities, remember to pull them down after the celebration. Arrange the outdoor decorations and plants in a way that it adds to the beauty of your home. Mow the lawn regularly and declutter. There is a simple rule to decluttering if you haven't missed something for three months straight, get rid of it. Remember you don't really need it.


As a contractor, we understand that when it actually comes to a task, many homeowners are surrounded with challenges. ‘I don't know where to start’ is the most common answer that we, at Impact Contracting, have heard. Start with calling us. We will help you to redesign, clean and declutter your exteriors with our trained crew.





Steps to renew your staircase

Commercial Renovation

A beautiful staircase emits class and style. It is not just an accessory for your home, but if constructed artistically and carefully, can elevate the style and look of your home. If you are considering renovating a staircase, here are some essential steps that can help you to plan the renovation project better.

Two elements of a quintessential staircase project are finance and construction. First the finances. Planning a staircase renovation project can mean significant financial investment. You need to consider the budget you would allocate to the project and look for options depending on the flexibility you can afford on it. Once you have planned a budget, it is imperative to look for a construction company that specializes in building staircases.

Remember that a good looking and well-constructed staircase not only makes your home look beautiful but also helps you to command a better price, if you are considering selling in the near future. After deciding these two parameters, here are a few other considerations that you must consider.

The Why Factor

One of the key considerations for a staircase renovation is “why?” The reason why you are considering renovating your staircase will decide the approach your renovator will adopt. If you are redesigning your staircase because you are not happy with the existing design, the staircase renovation will focus on the design element. If you are more concerned about maximizing space or minimizing space, the staircase will be designed differently.

No matter what your goal is, it must be clearly communicated to the renovator for them to work towards a goal. Things like adding storage space or drawers beneath your staircase can cost anywhere around $2,000-$3,000. If you are not planning to sell your property anytime soon, this may be a good investment.

The Budgeted Renewal

If you are limited on the budget but unhappy with your existing staircase, you can choose to renovate just its treads and risers. Adding up to prefinished 12 treads and 13 risers can cost anywhere around $1,000, plus the labour cost. In case if your staircase is in good condition and you just want it to look better, consider decals which you can buy for under $10. A budgeted renewal may just solve your problem and give a new look to your home. Of course, remember to match the decals to your home decor.

Painting a Staircase

Another renovation option is painting your staircase. Adding fresh colours will make your dull staircase look lively again. It is worth it given that the budget for painting is much less compared to a complete renovation. Plus, if you are a DIY painter, it is a cakewalk and also a fun project for the holidays. If you are planning a staircase painting project, consider that you may not be able to use the staircase until the paint dries.

If you are not sure how else to make your staircase interesting within your budget, why not speak to experts at Impact Contracting? Their team of experts can provide guidance on the best approach to planning a staircase renovation affordably. Contact Impact Contracting for more information. They are located in Edmonton, AB.