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Are you looking to open up your own commercial retail space but aren’t sure how to go about it? Do you need help figuring out the most efficient design plan that will help sell merchandise? Then this is the guide for you, as we’ll go through the top seven design choices that should go into every retail space.

Natural Checkout Placement

Once a customer has made the decision to purchase something from your store, you’ll want to create easy access to the checkout area. More often than not, if it’s too complicated or confusing to get to the checkout area, customers will leave the product behind. For smaller stores, make sure employees at the checkout counter can see the entire store. It’s best to have it up against a well-decorated wall, with products set up to encourage impulse buying.

It Should be Comfortable

You never want customers to feel uncomfortable in your store or business, so it’s important to implement certain features that create a relaxed environment. For example, when placing tables or shelves together to create an aisle, make sure there’s enough room for two people to pass one another without touching. Studies have shown that the possibility of brushing up against a stranger makes customers less likely to go down that aisle. Be sure to avoid placing things too closely together when designing a retail space.

Use Mirrors

Do you have a small retail space? The best way to make it seem bigger while also showcasing your products from even more angles is to integrate mirrors throughout. Doing this creates the illusion of more space. Place them against the walls to make the store feel wider or longer, or have a mirrored ceiling to create the appearance of a taller environment.

Play with Lighting

Having the proper lighting will greatly influence the atmosphere you’re trying to create in this retail space. Dim lighting can create a soothing experience for customers while showcasing specific products or service areas. Use spotlights to create focal points and draw attention. Natural lighting can also draw the eye, so if your commercial space has well-placed windows, utilize them to brighten up the room.

Overall? Keep it Simple

It’s easy to go overboard when you’re trying to design a retail space that speaks to a variety of people. Instead of creating a complicated space that decked out in over the top decor and overly confusing for customers, focus on the smaller aspects. Make sure products are spaced out in a way that’s easily sorted through without being overwhelmed.

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