Whether you’re remodelling your kitchen or building a commercial space from the ground up, you need to have a good general contractor on your side. To make sure you hire the right person for the job, here are some tips for finding a trusted construction company.

Best Places to Look

Before you start searching online for a general contractor, consider talking to any friends and family who’ve recently hired a general contractor and undergone renovations. Ask them questions about cost, work ethic, timelines, and overall experience. If they have nothing but amazing things to say, then you’ve just found your general contractor. However, if they had a horrible experience with the company they hired, then you should move onto looking at trade associations.

Trade associations provide people with up-to-date directories listing members, contact information, job specialties and more. You’ll be able to find general contractors in your area, and as their websites are commonly attached to their listing, you can evaluate their previous work before contacting them.

What to Look for in a Contractor

First and foremost, any potential general contractors you’re looking into should be both licensed and insured. If any accidents occur on the job, you’ll be held liable without insurance. As well, hiring an unlicensed contractor puts your residential or commercial renovation at risk. Companies that have been awarded for good work and/or a part of the trade association speaks well to their skills and reliability.

Have a look at their professional portfolio. Doing so will not only show you the quality of their work, but you’ll be able to see whether or not their renovation style matches your personal taste. You don’t want to hire a company that specializes in traditional or vintage renovations when you have a completely modern aesthetic planned out.

How to Decide

Once you have a list of general contractors you’re confident in, it’s now time to interview them and compare your candidates. For a sneak peek into their working habits, see if you can meet them at a current job site. Don’t be afraid to ask them a lot of questions, including how long the project could take, potential renovation problems, and a job estimate.

For more information, call their references and look online for customer reviews, as general contractors won’t tell you about any past bad behaviour. If it’s a large renovation you’re planning, then this is more important than ever. You don’t want to waste hundreds of thousands of dollars hiring a company that has a reputation of scamming their clients.

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