If you are looking to have a commercial renovation project done, then you are looking at an entirely different beast than your everyday residential project. While a commercial renovation is completed, the business still has to operate around it, at least to a certain acceptable level. You cannot shut down production for a month, at least in most cases, and even if you do, the financial effect of a shut down can be devastating to the bottom line.

A renovation can affect productivity in both a warehouse setting, or in an office, and so following a firm schedule and working around the challenges of a working environment is crucial. At Impact Contracting, we understand these hardships and endeavour to keep you operating and work with you and your schedule. Here are the four questions you need to ask when you are undergoing a commercial renovation project. 

Tip 1 - What is My Budget?

You need to have a budget in mind when you begin thinking about your project. Pre-planning your budget and discussing financial expectations with potential contractors. Remember though, that a budget needs to have flexibility. Things do go wrong when you are getting renovations done - maybe you uncover mould growth for instance - and so you need to have money set aside for these potential problems. You also want to be able to make on-the-fly decisions regarding upgrades and additions without having to sacrifice other aspects of your renovation.

Tip 2 - What Safety Precautions Should I Take?

When you are having construction and renovation work done, it means that there will be new expectations around the warehouse or office regarding safe work practices. This can be a huge adjustment for office staff who are not as used to strict personal protective equipment rules that is second nature to factory and warehouse workers. Ensure that you are taking every safety precaution necessary when establishing rules for navigating areas that are under construction if those areas cannot be avoided entirely. Also, you need to enforce these rules for everyone's safety.

Tip 3 - Who Should I Hire?

Choosing your contractor is the largest decision that you will be making when you are undergoing a commercial renovation. Your contractor needs to understand both your vision and your goals while also having the experience necessary to execute them. Take your time to research contractors and look at their reviews. Contact them for a quote and compare them against each other to see what is reasonable and what is not. We're sure that after you have looked through multiple contractors that you will decide to go with our team at Impact Contracting.

Tip 4 - What will My Schedule Look Like?

Trying to keep downtime to a minimum is crucial to help save you money and to put less stress on your workforce. A contractor will be able to help you come up with this schedule and plan the work that you need to get done with their renovation to your space. It is a hard balance to strike, keeping up with workflow while also not stopping renovations from happening, but with an experienced contractor, they should be able to make a schedule with you that fits. 

Finding the right contractor can make all the difference when you are doing a commercial renovation. They can help you with realistic budgeting, safety concerns, scheduling, and more. The team at Impact Contracting wants to be that contractor for you. Contact us today, and we will get started on making your business work for you. 


All credit goes to Impact Contracting