Every commercial renovation project must begin by having an in-depth conversation with the prospective contractor. The goal of asking questions is to thoroughly educate yourself and your team about the changes that will take place in your commercial space. 

Hired contractors are vital factors which determine the success of renovations. Thus, it is highly essential to inform them about your vision and ask them questions to determine if the team is well-equipped with a plan to manage your project. Below are some of the top concerns you may have before your contractor begin renovating your space.

The Duration of the Project

The most common question is usually about the number of time renovations will take. Commercial improvements bring considerable changes to the ways management and staff utilize their workspace. Clients are often eager for the contractors to finish the upgrades in a quick manner. 

Reputable contractors will communicate a pre-plan to their clients with an estimated duration. Components that must be discussed include the arrival time of all materials needed and the time required for each stage of the renovations. A right contractor will schedule enough time for each phase to be completed as planned without the need to rush and compromise the quality of work. 

Keep in mind that schedules aren’t rigid and may change depending on factors such as shipment delays.

The Cost

Inquiring about the cost is another common and essential conversation that a client will have with the contractor. An excellent estimate results from a realistic mindset, careful planning, and affordability of the project. 

Similar to the planned duration of the project, the cost can also vary depending on the required staffing and unanticipated issues that may arise in regards to the electrical, structural and plumbing components. A trusted contractor will do their best to adhere to the estimated cost. 

Using Workspace During the Renovations

To avoid an interruption in operations of the business, the management will prefer the staff to continue working while the renovations are underway. However, space gets occupied by contractors, workers, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, architects, and designers. Helpful contractors will assist you in scheduling a plan that will give you enough time to relocate. 

In case contractors are hired to only work on a specific part of the infrastructure, there may be a possibility that the project will not interfere with a vast majority of the space. If the staff can work around minor renovations, then business can easily operate throughout. Empathizing contractors will try their best to keep dust and noise levels to the minimum. 


Permits are needed for most renovations to your property. The contractor can assist in determining what permits are necessary. In case the whole place is being renovated, including window replacements, structural changes, and drywall, you will need an entire package of sanctions. You will be required to contact your local municipal office and display the approved paperwork on site before the construction begins. 

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