Most people choose to approach remodelling using a DIY method as a means of saving money and to maybe have a little bit of fun.  Unfortunately, not all tasks are possible using DIY techniques, nor should anyone attempt them on their own. In these cases, professionals need to be called in for specific situations. This article will provide information on when to go DIY and when to hire a professional contractor.

When to Use a DIY Approach

Painting Cabinets and Walls

While painting is not a fast or straightforward task, it is an easy way to improve a space.  Many rooms can be made to appear larger merely by changing the colour of the walls and changing wall colour is a great way to keep your house looking trendy without breaking the bank. Painting cabinets also do wonders to freshen them up.  Using painter's tape, painting tools and paint in a colour you desire, you will be able to paint walls and cabinets independently as long as you have some patience and attention to detail.

Installing Fixtures and Accessories

Another easy method to improve a home is by adding accessories or fixtures.  If you have old fixtures, such as a light or dated faucet, it may be worthwhile replacing them and watch how the setting of the room will change.  Replacing outdated or damaged accessories and fixtures is easy for the DIY homeowner to do - all you need is the correct tools and some know-how. If there is electricity involved, ensure that you take every safety precaution. 

Installing Laminate Flooring

Believe it or not, installing laminate flooring can be a simple DIY project for any individual.  If you can handle a saw and are willing to spend the hours it takes to re-floor a room, then you should be up for this task.  Always ensure that the laminate boards run vertically with the widest part of the room and stagger the boards, so they do not connect to the same spot in each row. 

When To Use A Professional Contractor

Plumbing and Electrical Issues

Unless you know plumbing and electrical lines, it is incredibly vital that you hire a professional contractor in these situations. Plumbing jobs typically require you to turn the water supply on and off, and while this can seem simple it is not easy if you do not know what you are doing. Those who work with electricity who do not know what they are doing risk a lot more than a flood. They can short out their whole house, cause fires, or even end up dead. Codes and regulations need to be followed in both cases and working with electricity can be hazardous.

Structural Changes

Removing walls, putting up and repairing drywall, repairing the property's foundation, and any other structural work should be completed by a professional contractor. It is essential to know the structure of a home and how to correctly achieve the changes so that the other walls do not become damaged. Only professional contractors can help with this because they know. For more information visit Impact Contracting website or Call us today.


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