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Home renovation tips to make the exterior appealing


One of the first things that your guests are bound to notice when they visit you is the exterior of your property. The exterior of your home includes the entrance, driveway, yard, garden, and front door. It is essential to pay special attention to elevate the curb appeal of your home. Whether it is an outdated fixture hanging in your yard or peeling paint on the exterior walls of your home, your home's exterior is noticed minutely than you can ever imagine. Everyone who visits your home, who lives nearby or prospective buyers, each one of them pays attention to the curb appeal of your home. Maybe you are not planning on selling your home anytime in near the future, ignoring the exterior aesthetics of your home can create a rather long lasting and unimpressionable memory in your visitor's mind.


Here are a few home renovation tips that will make your home look fancy and increase the overall external appeal.

Staging a beautiful exterior

No matter how much often people say that they do not judge a book by the cover, it is untrue. In the context of your home, a beautiful exterior is something that everyone observes. An unmowed lawn, a rusted or a broken piece of decoration and scraps of dead leaves lead visitors to believe that the house is being severely neglected. So make sure not to overlook or neglect the curb appeal of your house. Of course, it gives a good impression on your visitors, but it is even more crucial if you are trying to sell your home. Staging your home for potential buyers means you need to focus on both, the internal and external aspects of your property. A well-curated lawn that is clean and devoid of rusted or broken decoration looks more appealing especially if you want to entice a buyer and get a great offer.

Sometimes old is not really gold

Even if you may be one of those who likes vintage, make sure that you do not leave the exterior of your home with broken, rusted fixtures. Whether it is the mailbox, the gate, signs or your pottery, make sure to upkeep them by rust proofing and painting. Maintaining your external metal fixtures can cost very little and yet give you that aesthetic appeal. In addition, make sure that you have a well-lit yard so that your guests feel welcome. With a little investment, you can significantly improve the curb appeal of your home.

Colours make a difference

If you are looking to fix your curb appeal in a quick, simple and cost-efficient way, painting is the best option. Peeled or discolored patches on your exterior wall can make your curb look quite unappealing. Repaint the exterior of your home so that it looks appealing and bright. Exterior painting is much different than interior painting. It requires you to consider the weather-enforced wear and tear, and make sure to apply the right kind of base coats and colors so that they last amidst the harsh weather changes.


One of the most common things that many homeowners with a yard do is dump everything that they do not need inside their home in the yard. Right from wine bottles to an old car, homeowners are known to hoard junk. If you want to create the right first impression on your guests, the first thing that you need to do is to discard all the unnecessary junk from your yard. If you have a special bottle or a memorable broken vase that you want to preserve, find a way to reuse it creatively and add it as an element of decoration to your garden. If you have decorated your home for festivities, remember to pull them down after the celebration. Arrange the outdoor decorations and plants in a way that it adds to the beauty of your home. Mow the lawn regularly and declutter. There is a simple rule to decluttering if you haven't missed something for three months straight, get rid of it. Remember you don't really need it.


As a contractor, we understand that when it actually comes to a task, many homeowners are surrounded with challenges. ‘I don't know where to start’ is the most common answer that we, at Impact Contracting, have heard. Start with calling us. We will help you to redesign, clean and declutter your exteriors with our trained crew.





Steps to renew your staircase

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A beautiful staircase emits class and style. It is not just an accessory for your home, but if constructed artistically and carefully, can elevate the style and look of your home. If you are considering renovating a staircase, here are some essential steps that can help you to plan the renovation project better.

Two elements of a quintessential staircase project are finance and construction. First the finances. Planning a staircase renovation project can mean significant financial investment. You need to consider the budget you would allocate to the project and look for options depending on the flexibility you can afford on it. Once you have planned a budget, it is imperative to look for a construction company that specializes in building staircases.

Remember that a good looking and well-constructed staircase not only makes your home look beautiful but also helps you to command a better price, if you are considering selling in the near future. After deciding these two parameters, here are a few other considerations that you must consider.

The Why Factor

One of the key considerations for a staircase renovation is “why?” The reason why you are considering renovating your staircase will decide the approach your renovator will adopt. If you are redesigning your staircase because you are not happy with the existing design, the staircase renovation will focus on the design element. If you are more concerned about maximizing space or minimizing space, the staircase will be designed differently.

No matter what your goal is, it must be clearly communicated to the renovator for them to work towards a goal. Things like adding storage space or drawers beneath your staircase can cost anywhere around $2,000-$3,000. If you are not planning to sell your property anytime soon, this may be a good investment.

The Budgeted Renewal

If you are limited on the budget but unhappy with your existing staircase, you can choose to renovate just its treads and risers. Adding up to prefinished 12 treads and 13 risers can cost anywhere around $1,000, plus the labour cost. In case if your staircase is in good condition and you just want it to look better, consider decals which you can buy for under $10. A budgeted renewal may just solve your problem and give a new look to your home. Of course, remember to match the decals to your home decor.

Painting a Staircase

Another renovation option is painting your staircase. Adding fresh colours will make your dull staircase look lively again. It is worth it given that the budget for painting is much less compared to a complete renovation. Plus, if you are a DIY painter, it is a cakewalk and also a fun project for the holidays. If you are planning a staircase painting project, consider that you may not be able to use the staircase until the paint dries.

If you are not sure how else to make your staircase interesting within your budget, why not speak to experts at Impact Contracting? Their team of experts can provide guidance on the best approach to planning a staircase renovation affordably. Contact Impact Contracting for more information. They are located in Edmonton, AB.

5 Smart Renovation Tips For Your Laundry Room

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Weirdly enough, the laundry room is by far the most ignored rooms in the home as far as renovation is concerned. Whenever we plan to renovate our home, we think of the bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathrooms, etc. But what if we told you laundry rooms too are in need of innovation for a very special reason. Firstly laundry rooms are one of the most frequently used rooms in a home. Even though formerly they may just be used for washing and drying, today’s laundry rooms are also used to store items such as cleaning liquids, extra laundry, vacuum cleaners etc. So it is just as important to organize them as any other room. Here are our five top-notch tips to help you organize your laundry room is a cost-effective way.


If you like doing your laundry first thing in the morning, consider having a bright window in the laundry room. Not only can it make your day better, but also provides the much-needed light. If you like to take it easy and do the laundry the last thing in the evening, consider investing in ample lighting for clear visibility. You may consider hiring a reputed electrician to make sure that your laundry room is well-lit.


Just because it is a laundry room, doesn't mean it has to be boring. Welcome to the world of wallpapers, where you can buy theme based or cute wallpapers for your laundry room. You can also deck up your room with posters to make them look colourful.


It never killed to have an aesthetic appeal to your laundry room. Maybe an aromatic diffuser or even having a compact music system can make laundry a much more enjoyable experience. You can also consider adding a few potted plants.


Ideally, a laundry room should have a beautiful table and a few storage units to store fresh laundry. Instead of making it all bland you can try to have some fun with colours around it. Invest in colourful wardrobes, ottomans or even carpets to make your laundry room more appealing.


Invest in a robust ironing board and iron, and maintain a separate storage unit to store them after use.

Appliance placement

If you want to save some space and yet make the laundry utilitarian, invest in a combined washer dryer. Make sure you have them placed near good plumbing and electrical points.

When looking to renovate your laundry room, remember to combine it with bathroom renovations so that you maintain a consistent theme across the bathroom and laundry room. Before beginning the renovation, consider what budget you wish to allocate to the job and any new things that you wish to buy for the laundry room. That will give you visibility of the overall renovation cost.

Hire a reputed home renovations contractor like Edmonton based ‘Impact Contracting’ to renovate your laundry room. As experts, they can suggest some stylish and cost-effective ideas to spruce up your laundry room in the most economic but visually appealing way.

Impact Contracting is a reputed construction company from Edmonton, specializing in high-quality bathroom and drywall construction. They are known for customized kitchen, laundry room constructions.

DIY or Professional Contractor

DIY or Professional Contractor

Most people choose to approach remodelling using a DIY method as a means of saving money and to maybe have a little bit of fun.  Unfortunately, not all tasks are possible using DIY techniques, nor should anyone attempt them on their own. In these cases, professionals need to be called in for specific situations. This article will provide information on when to go DIY and when to hire a professional contractor.